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High-traffic areas are often the perfect spots for vinyl flooring, as this durable material tends to take a beating in stride. The best way to clean a vinyl floor depends on the ty.【Get Price】

Keep Your Floors Clean with these Top-Rated Mops

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How to Clean Wood Floors

Wood floors add style and value to a home. Learn how to clean all types of wood floors properly to keep them gleaming and lasting for years to come. Haikinmhan / Getty Images Wood.【Get Price】

How To Clean Wood Floors | Family Handyman

Learn how to clean wood floors, including how often you should clean and tips to keep wood floors looking their best. Home Topics Cleaning Learn how to clean wood floors, including.【Get Price】

What Is Swedish Death Cleaning

Based on the Swedish word döstädning, this method of decluttering is all about getting rid of the stuff you wouldn't need before you pass away. / Instagram Move over, Mar.【Get Price】

10 Things to Know About Swedish Death Cleaning | Family Handyman

The name Swedish Death Cleaning is off-putting but it's kind of meant to jar you into action. Find out what you need to know about Swedish Death Cleaning. Home Topics Cleaning Our.【Get Price】

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How to Clean Marble Floors

Marble floors are elegant and durable. Cleaning is simple but requires the use of gentle cleaners and tools to prevent discoloration and scratches. Explora_2005/ iStock/ Getty Imag.【Get Price】

Refinishing your floors? 5 tips for a healthier home | The Seattle Times

Oct 7, 2020. Reyes explains that one of the main reasons Swedish finish is so unhealthy is because it's high in volatile organic compounds (VOC). “The higher.【Get Price】

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Review (Pros Cons) - Prudent

Bona has many floor cleaning products, so before I get started, I want to be clear. Bona had its start in Malmö, Sweden, where a man named Wilhelm Edner.【Get Price】

Synteko Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I clean my floors when they are finished with a Synteko floor finish?. Do Swedish finishes cause cancer or other health ailments?【Get Price】

Bona Kemi - Hardwood Floor Cleaner

spray bottle of Bona Swedish Formula Hardwood Floor Cleaner, a washable Bona MicroPlus Cleaning Pad with dust absorbing microfibers and a maintenance guide.【Get Price】

Best pH Neutral Hardwood Floor Cleaners - Dengarden

Apr 11, 2021. Glitsa Clean is a water based Swedish floor cleaner that leaves no dulling residue, and revitalizes the natural glow in hardwood floors.【Get Price】

Concentrated Bona Swedish Formula Floor Cleaner

Nomeasuring, just pour the contents into any quart size spray bottle, addwater and you are ready to clean. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner isspecifically.【Get Price】

How to Clean Hardwood Floors | Seventh Generation

Dec 14, 2020. Everyday Care: Here's our go-to method for regular hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance that will keep your floors looking great while.【Get Price】

Precision Swedish Finish For Pros Matte 2.5 gal for Wood Floors

Precision Swedish Finish For Pros Matte 2.5 gal for Wood Floors Solvent Based Finishes Precision Swedish Finish For Pros (matte) is a two-component,.【Get Price】

How long does it take for Swedish finish to dry? |

May 11, 2021. To clean your Swedish finish hardwood, mix 1/2 to 1 cup of vinegar in a gallon of warm water. Mop the floor with this solution,.【Get Price】

Avoid the Damage: 6 Myths About Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

We're here to bust the most common hardwood floor myths — and help you keep your floors as beautiful and resilient as the day you got them.【Get Price】

Iris Hantverk - Floor Brooms, Cleaning Dusting -

Iris Hantverk - Floor Brooms, Cleaning Dusting. ON SALE. MADE IN SWEDEN. 4 AVAILABLE. Iris Hantverk Dustpan Brush Set, Seven Color Options.【Get Price】

How to clean stone floors – the best methods for flagstones.

Feb 21, 2021. How to keep life simple when cleaning stone floors · Swedish traditional summer home on an island · green bedroom with brass bed · 17th centur.【Get Price】

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Jul 18, 2021. Have ugly scratches in your wood floors? In many cases you can make. How to Repair Scratched Wood: Clean the Trouble Spot Thoroughly.【Get Price】

Bona Mops - Pads - Cleaning Kits - 1877FloorGuy

Bona mops are known for durability and easy attach microfiber mop pads. Use Bona mop pads for cleaning, dusting and refreshing hard-surface floors.【Get Price】

Seattle Hardwood Floor Refinishing And Restoration - Alpine.

Alpine Specialty Cleaning has talented hardwood floor refinishing professionals who can apply a. 3 FULL Coats Of Swedish Or Water Based Finishes.【Get Price】


Jul 20, 2018. 5) How soon after finishing can I clean wood floors? Do not use any liquids AT ALL for cleaning any newly refinished hardwood floors until they.【Get Price】

Wood Floor Maintenance | Wood Expert Tips MN - Pete's Hardwood.

Do not clean the floor with furniture polish, vinegar, ammonia, pine cleaners, or Murphy's Oil Soap. DSCN5352 3 Those cleaners may dull or even damage the.【Get Price】

Why Bona Floor Cleaning Products Are the Best - AG Construction

The century-old Swedish company has developed the best hardwood floor cleaners on the market, and their “Stone, Tile Laminate” cleaner works beautifully for.【Get Price】

Bona Swedish Formula Hardwood Floor Cleaner Replacement.

I have the mop system and I also use the spray bottle for spot cleaning. I don't notice a film residue on my wood floors as mentioned by a previous post.【Get Price】

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Feb 13, 2020. Clean lines, light color palettes, and practical furniture embody the style.. Types of Flooring in Scandinavian/Nordic Design.【Get Price】

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How to Get Scratches Off of Polyurethane-Finished Hardwood Floors. Part of the series: Flooring Tips. You can remove scratches off.【Get Price】

How Do I Repair a Hardwood Floor Finish? : Wood Flooring - YouTube

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Apr 8, 2020. Learn how to clean wood floors with smart methods that will make caring for your flooring and maintaining a clean, polished look even.【Get Price】

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Jan 1, 2021. Remove dirt and grime from hardwood floors by following these easy cleaning tips from HGTV.【Get Price】

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The Swedish finish is another favorite wood floor finishing product for many Chicago homeowners. Beautiful-Chicago-Floor Beautiful Chicago Floor. Famous for.【Get Price】

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Nov 21, 2019. Find easy tips on how to clean wood floors correctly without ruining your wood finish including, how to mop wood floors, mild soaps to use.【Get Price】